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Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before using any of our services. These terms and conditions apply to all or every user of our services and visitors to our website. “And” pythagon refers to https://pythagon.com and all pythagon products including Pythagon Tutor App, and “you” refers to parents, guardians or students, and anyone who uses our services or our website.

There is a big imbalance in how teachers impart their skills to scientists and how students acquire these skills. In related fields, we will not simplify the learning process of college students for any other reason.

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  • The content of this website is copyrighted material and is the exclusive property of pythagon.com. However, you will receive a printout of this content for non-commercial use.
  • No one has the right to use the contents of this website for commercial purposes or change them for any other purpose.

Restrictions on use

By registering or using the pythagon.com service, you acknowledge that you will only use the information provided by the teacher for educational purposes, and you cannot use any solutions, answers, materials, or information or deceive you through the service. For example:

  • Submit any online learning solution to any class as your own solution.
  • If you are told not to seek outside help, please use our Q&A service to complete the test or homework.
  • You will not submit this information as original student work for credit or course grades.
  • Any other violation of teachers, colleges, universities, or school qualifications.

We will take immediate action against anyone who violates the above terms. If Pythagon is provided with evidence that its service is used in a manner that is inconsistent with these or any other part of these terms of use, Pythagon may, at its sole discretion, delete the material and terminate the account of the affected user.

Warranty and limitation of liability

There are many solutions to some problems. So if you want specific methods to solve them, you need to provide information about these methods; unless you are notified in advance, the expected solution of this method will be different from our solution, but both solutions are correct.

After receiving the inquiry, the fee is negotiated and determined by both parties. After receiving the payment, we will send you the solution within the specified time limit. You can ask some other questions to help understand the format of the solution.

We will help you at any time, but sometimes we cannot guarantee it. Therefore, you can book a limited course time in advance at the time of your choice, and all your questions will be answered during the course. You can provide materials on the topics you want to prepare for this course.


We reserve the right to charge membership fees or subscription fees for the use of our services.

Severability Clause

If any one of these conditions is totally or partly invalid, the validity of the rest of the contract will not be affected.


We reserve the sole right to change the general terms and conditions without prior notice. The latest version of the terms replaces the previous version.


We reserve the exclusive right to terminate the service contract in whole or in part at any time.

Entire Agreement

The terms of use in the latest Student-Pythagon agreement replace and terminate all previous agreements. Subscription

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